PhD Supervision

Current PhD Students

Rodrigo Valencia, Expressivism and Moral Epistemology (2019-23, co-supervised with Daniel Elstein)

Sam Mason, The Nature and Significance of the Moral/Non-Moral Distinction (2019-23, co-supervised with Gerald Lang)

Alexios Brehier-Stamatiadis, Grounding and Metaethical Naturalism (2017-21, co-supervised with Jack Woods)

Andreas Bruns, Agent-Relative Reasons and the Paradox of Deontology (2017-21, co-supervised with Gerald Lang)

David Heering, Actual Control: Demodalizing Free Will (2016-20, co-supervised with Helen Steward)

Past PhD Students

Olof Leffler, The Constitution of Constitutivism (completed in 2019, co-supervised with Daniel Elstein; currently a teaching fellow at Durham University)

Adina Covaci, Against Moral Deference (completed in 2019; currently a teaching fellow at University of Warwick)

Marc Wilcox, The Agency Account of Moral Status: Defending the Equal Moral Status of Humans and Non-Human Animals (completed in 2018, co-supervised with Gerald Lang; currently working in local government).

Wouter Kalf, A Defence of Moral Error Theory (2013 award, co-supervised with Andrew McGonigal; currently a University Lecturer at the University of Leiden).

Brooke Barnum-Roberts, A Reactive Attitudes Account of Desert (at UC Davis, 2008 award; currently an attorney and Adjunct Professor at University of Nevada, Reno).

Christian Coons, The Value of Individuals and the Value of States (at UC Davis, 2006 award; co-supervised with Connie Rosati; currently an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Bowling Green State University)